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Premiere | Sideways Rain

Choreographic steam-roller composed of fifteen bodies moves relentlessly from the left to the right side of the stage. Rhythmical gestures and minimalist movements reflect the cycle of birth and death.

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The Ninth - movement performance with Beethoven’s loud music

The Ninth is a visual fairy tale about civilization seen as a failed project of the taming of man. Five people on stage, naked and suspicious, average and far from being perfect ...

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Premiere | Audycja V - 2016

Performative installation, opera in motion with elements of video and voice. A meta-opera to texts by Jacek Bieriezin, Zbigiew Dolecki and Sławomir Mrożek in which dancers are equivalent to music composition as well as scenography and visual elements.

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Halfbreadtechnique - performance of exchange

“Halfbreadtechnique” is a funny and provoking performance which can change your plans for the evening (no more and no less than that). The performance raises the question of how much we need for our own fulfillment and personal prosperity.

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The Ox (temporary title) - pictures of nothing

Five persons meet in theatre space to cut themselves off from noise and crowds. A theatre becomes a bunker, peaceful area of illusion where one can hide from danger.

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Bataille and the Dawn of New Days - physical and philosophical choreography

Six dancers, inspired by Bataille’s readings, follow the path of their own socialization. In order to reach the areas where language fails ...

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