Accompanying events

The Perfect Humans - interactive motion machine

Theatrical space is similar to the cinematic one in one respect: in both cases there is a clear division between the onlooker and the one that is being looked at.

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C/U multimedia library is a special place for dance lovers. It is open every day of the festival, between 5 and 8 October, from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m. in Nowy Teatr.

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This Is Gala - performance celebrating the 15th anniversary of C/U

Ironic play on the obviousness and the way of celebrating vernissages, galas and banquets. A drink, opening speech, three-course meal, auction, music – these are the elements treated by Schick as a starting point for asking questions about elitism and phony construction of the artistic world.

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Let yourself be photographed

Marta Ankiersztejn's project that is going to be focused on the place of a dancer in the photography. She will be taking photos during the 4 following days in Nowy Teatr, of everyone who would like to be dance-photographed.

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Corporation, Incorporated - performative start-up

The art of business versus the business of art. New corporate work strategies enter the theatre space and employ terms and definitions previously reserved for business.

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Mr.GaGa - film in the Muranów cinema

Body/Mind Festival and the Muranów cinema are introducing a film about the great choreographer Ohad Naharin.

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Go! Go! Dance!

Dance has become more accessible and closer to people lately. Dancing is not restricted to professionals only. On the final day of our festival we are handing the C/U stage over to our artists and audience for twelve hours during which the choreographers and teachers will share their skills with our festival viewers.

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